A New Way To Light up Your Life: Vont Smart Light Strips

Smart lights are great, especially when you can use a smart assistant like Alexa or Google to set them up to work on their own. Even better is when those lights can do cool things.

Imagine being able to sync a strip of colorful LEDs to your music or movies. Or, you can use them to light up your kitchen, bedroom, or living room in a variety of beautiful, bright colors. Now, imagine that you could control the whole thing from an app on your phone. This is what the 2022 Smart LED Light Strip from Vont has to offer.

A light strip, like the smart LED strip from Vont, is much easier to use and more flexible than a bulb. It can be stuck to almost any surface because of the adhesive, and because it can be cut, it can be trimmed to be almost invisible.

You could stick it to the underside of a desk. You can put light strips above or below kitchen cabinets, under countertops and other flat surfaces, and inside bookshelves or humidors. You can even put them on the back of a TV to light up the wall behind the TV and make it move to the beats and sounds of music or other media. It’s a cool set-up that will completely change your room, whether it’s your living room or somewhere else in your home.

Price: $17.99
Where to buy: vont.com/product/smart-strip-lights-led-strips/

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