Affordable E-reader- The Kobo Libra 2

E-books are the best way to read, besides, you know, the good old hardcover. Unlike smartphones and tablets, which have LCD or OLED screens that are bright and clear, e-book readers have E-Ink screens that were made specifically for long reading sessions and to save power. If you’re a student or just a big reader, you’ll immediately see the benefits of these tablet-like devices. You won’t have to worry about your eyes getting tired or getting sick from the blue light that comes from using a smartphone or tablet.

The word “Kindle” is almost always used to mean “e-reader,” but if you’d rather have something else, we suggest the Kobo Libra 2. Like the Amazon Paperwhite, it has Bluetooth for listening to audiobooks, USB-C for faster charging, and a 7-inch screen with 300 ppi resolution, which makes the text clear and easy to read.

Kobo e-readers are different from Kindles because they can handle more file types, so you can download books from places other than Amazon’s online bookstore. Also, OverDrive makes it easy and free to borrow books from your library.

The Kobo Libra 2 is the best e-reader to get if you read or listen to a lot of books or audiobooks. It has a 32GB hard drive, while the Paperwhite only has an 8GB drive. It also has a backlight that changes on its own, which is helpful for reading at night or outside.

It’s also important to note that some people who used to own an Amazon Kindle may find it hard to switch to the Kobo and move their old library over. Even so, the Libra 2 is a full-featured e-reader that can definitely compete with Amazon’s Kindles.

The Kobo Libra 2 is completely waterproof, so you can read in the park, on the beach, in the tub, or even in the rain. No matter the weather, life goes on, and now your reading life can, too.

It has 32GB of storage, which is enough to hold all of your books. You can take up to 24,000 eBooks, 150 Kobo Audiobooks, or a mix of the two with you wherever you go.

Price: $179.99
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