Alisal Ranch: A Horse Riding Experience Like No Other

Alisal Ranch

At Alisal Ranch, you’ll ride horses through canyons and shaded hillsides, past grazing cattle and babbling brooks. You’ll experience an incredible sense of freedom as your horse gallops across the land, leaping over creeks and brush as you make your way to a picturesque valley where deer, coyotes, quail, and more roam free.

The Alisal Ranch is located in Santa Ynez Valley. It’s an oasis within an oasis. A world away from the hustle and bustle of the city but still close enough that you can get there in no time at all when the mood strikes.

They have 100 horses available for riding and they’re matched to your skill level so that everyone has fun. They also offer workshops to be a cowboy: riding classes, sorting and roping, racing skills classes, whatever you want! Plus, they got the best customer service around.

The folks here are so friendly and knowledgeable that they make sure every rider has an experience they won’t forget and will want to come back for more as soon as they leave. Come and experience the Alisal Ranch for yourself!

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