Bar Tool Set: Make Your Own Cocktails

Have you ever wanted to prepare your favorite cocktail at home but imagined it was too hard to mix? A bar set gives you the basic tools you need to make cocktails and become a bartender at home. You can make drinks that will impress your friends or just let you relax with your favorite drink at home.

This Williams Sonoma Encore Bar Tools Set is a great addition to any home bar. The set is a must-have for anyone who likes to have people over. It has a great look and is built to last.

The Williams Sonoma Encore Bar Tools Set has a strainer, a bottle opener, ice tongs, a stirring spoon, a double-sided jigger, and a stand. The small, sleek stand is the perfect size for all of the tools.

Anyone who likes cocktails needs to have this set of bar tools. The bar set is small and easy to store. It has a polished look and is made of strong, stylish materials.

The perfect thing to add to your home bar!

Price: $139.95
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