Birth Month Flower Bouquet: For The Person Who Is Special

You probably know your zodiac sign and birthstone, but did you know that each month has its own flower? Instead of buying flower arrangements that die, you could buy beautiful blooms. The beautiful gem-like strands are shaped into daffodils, chrysanthemums, violets, roses, and more, and then planted in a wood base. The fake wildflower creations are beautiful works of art that will remind you of your birthday all year long.

Carmi Plaut and Loly Gomez make their beautiful wildflower art out of shards of recycled glass that sparkle. This is a light and eye-catching way to celebrate your day. Each group of gem-like blooms is “planted” firmly on an Alderwood base and stands among waving wire grass. Even a glass friend with wings is hiding in the plants. 

These fake flowers are a sweet surprise for birthdays, Mother’s Day, or even a “thanks for being there” day that won’t fade. One flower for each month is available.

Price: $68.00
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