Blenderjet: The Best Blender For Smoothies & Juices.

Lisa Frank used to be on their folders and notebooks, but now it’s on everything from cookie dough to sneakers. One of its newest partnerships is with BlendJet for its BlendJet 2. Our senior electronic editor describes it as a portable blender with a motor that runs on batteries that works surprisingly well for how small it is.

There are three bright and colorful Lisa Frank designs on the three special-edition BlendJets. You just have to choose between Rainbow Fade, Rainbow Leopard, and Tie-Dye. All of them have rainbows on them. Now you can blend a smoothie, shake, frozen drink, or baby food on the go, and you can do it with a fun BlendJet that says “welcome back to the ’90s!”

If you’ve never used the BlendJet 2, you’re in for a treat. You can mix a drink wherever you are, and you can quickly charge the device with any USB port. It’s mostly made of BPA-free plastic and has different blend modes that can all be accessed with a single button. This portable blender is different from others because the stainless steel blades are not in the middle of the base. This creates a tornado-like effect that, according to the brand, blends ingredients 275 times per second.

Price: $64.95
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