Ditch Plains Snif: A Limited Edition Candle That Smells Like Your Favorite Beach

This candle brings back memories of sitting around a beach fire at your favorite beach. You will surely love to use it on dreary winter days to remind you of the summer.

Ditch Plains is the most famous beach in Montauk, a surfer’s paradise at the end of the world. But driftwood is an even more important part of the town.

You come here to get away, catch some rays, and relax. You’ve also put together the perfect beach bag, complete with a good towel, the right snacks, and that book you wouldn’t be caught dead reading in the city. Or maybe you’re more like seasoned surfers Jack Brinkley-Cook and Quincy Davis, who are here to learn how to ride the waves like a local. Either way, Ditch Plains is the perfect mix of sun and sport.

Go to the beach with a burn that takes you to Ditch Plains, a golden beach in the middle of Montauk. We used neroli, tuberose, rum, cedarwood, and amber to make a scent that smells like this east coast surfer’s paradise. Skip the candy and trinkets. Their Ditch Plains candle is like a long-term room that you can light from anywhere.

It is a candle that smells like the beach, from boarding up to the bonfire, so you can bring the beach vibes home.
It’s safe and clean because it has a pure cotton wick and is made of a high-quality blend that is non-toxic and doesn’t contain paraffin. Shop for this soothing seaside scent today.

Price: $44
Where to buy: snif.co/products/ditch-plains

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