Get This Amazing Bubble Umbrella And Protect Your Style Even When It’s Raining

When it’s raining, it’s hard to get around busy streets while keeping your umbrella up. 

With a totes clear bubble umbrella, you can show off your style even when it’s raining. With a 51-inch dome-shaped clear bubble canopy, you are fully protected from wind and rain. This canopy is completely see-through and protects your hair and makeup from the weather. You can easily get around crowded city streets with a clear dome-shaped canopy that won’t block your view or cause you to run into other people.

This bubble umbrella is strong but not too heavy. It has a steel shaft, a comfortable Acrylic J-hook handle, and strong canopy ribs. Products made by totes are made to last a lifetime of stormy weather.

When it starts to rain, this well-thought-out umbrella will do the trick. Bring the totes clear umbrella with you on special occasions or just for a stroll. Its simple design and clear canopy let your own style shine through.

Price: $28.00
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