Give the gift of warmth with this beautiful fire table.

It may be true that home is where the heart is, but it’s difficult to enjoy your living environment if you dislike its contents. Creating the ideal home is neither simple nor inexpensive.

Friends, not all store-bought fire pits are dull! In fact, some appear custom-made, such as this propane tabletop fireplace with a sleek, contemporary design. Can you please take a moment to appreciate this terrazzo print?

This Terrazzo Propane Tabletop Fireplace from Project 62 helps you create the perfect mood and ambiance while providing additional warmth, whether you’re hosting friends or simply enjoying a nice evening on your patio. It boasts a spherical design with a pedestal base for simple placing on a dining table or coffee table, as well as a fashionable terrazzo pattern in muted moderate tones.

Featuring lava rocks encircling a gas heating element with an adjustable flame for the perfect amount of warmth, this terrazzo tabletop fireplace complements any outdoor seating area with a modern, practical aesthetic.

Price: $130.00
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