Grammarly: The Secret To Better Writing


If you’re a writer, you know how much of your time is spent editing.

You could be writing the next great American novel or that screenplay that’s going to get you on the map, but instead, you’re spending hours combing over every sentence, looking for typos and missing commas. It’s not just frustrating. It can be downright discouraging.

But now there’s a solution. Grammarly! Students, professionals, and businesses rely on Grammarly for their writing needs. It is a typing assistant that checks for typos and other writing issues, including grammar and punctuation, as well as readability and tone. But it also goes beyond that. Grammarly can catch plagiarism. So if you’re worried about getting caught copying someone else’s work, Grammarly is there to help you out.

Grammarly also got plans for everyone! From basic single users to big companies who want multiple users on one plan. Alex Shevchenko, Max Lytvyn, and Dmytro Lider founded Grammarly in 2009. Today, it is used by over 30 million people worldwide. So sign up today!

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