How To Get Over A Headache In 10 Minutes

Do you get headaches and migraines that are painful and bother you often? The Headache Hat is one of the few things that can help with your frequent headaches.

If you get migraines, you already know how bad they can be. You wouldn’t want your worst enemy to get a headache. Migraines are more than just headaches; they can also cause nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, and, in the worst cases, loss of balance or speech.

The Headache Hat is a patented head wrap made of cotton, spandex, and Velcro. It has 24 ice cubes inside. For an ice pack, the Headache Hat is not cheap. But if they say it’s worth it, you should believe them.

Instead of a gel-like substance, the Headache Hat’s ice pack is made of cubes that are sewn in one by one. This means that it stays cold longer than other ice packs, usually up to 5 hours.

The Headache Hat stays in place, so you don’t have to hold a cold pack on your head or neck while you go about your day. Most people would agree, though, that it looks a bit strange.

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