HyperChiller: The Quickest Way to Make Iced Coffee at Home

Imagine saving the time and money you spend every morning at the coffee shop. The HyperChiller lets you feel good almost right away. The HyperChiller is quick and easy to use, and it can be used with any brewing method. It’s also easy to clean up.

This device has more than one chamber, so it can cool down hot coffee, tea, warm white wine, and any other liquid in 60 seconds or less.

How does it work? A number of stainless steel chambers are packed into a larger plastic container to make up the device. You put the built chiller in the freezer overnight and then pour water into the inner and outer chambers. When it’s time for coffee, you just pour the hot coffee into the top, swirl it around for a minute, and then pour it into the waiting cup. Give it an extra minute in the chiller to make it even colder. Before the frozen water in the inner and outer sleeves melts, the device can be used twice.

Price: $24.99
Where to buy: hyperchiller.us

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