Improve Your Comfort & Safety On Your Bike With This High-End Full Face Helmet

Credits to Return of the Cafe Racers

The custom-built cafe racer style is one of the most popular things in fashion and motorcycling right now. You’ve seen them: the spruced-up scrambler or café’d-out and its rider, who both look very retro.

Well, you can’t ride your custom antique motorcycle without rolled-up dark-wash jeans, brown leather workboots, a plaid flannel shirt, a very retro-looking brown leather riding jacket, and, of course, a retro helmet. Don’t worry, though! You don’t have to take out your dad’s gold-flake Bell from the 1970s because you know it’s falling apart. Companies are starting to understand what the retro vibe is all about.

With their “BigBore” full-face lid, Urban Helmets is the latest company to jump on the trend. It looks like it could have been made in the late 1970s, with its small port, round shape, and chrome trim. The visor seems like an afterthought. Make sure you have your giant-lens retro sunglasses with you so you don’t get stung in the eye.

The small eye-port means that you can’t see as well as you could with a modern full-face helmet. The optional face shield is attached to the helmet with snaps on the ends of leather straps, so it’s not easy to close with one finger when it’s windy, dusty, or rainy. The design is very complicated. Maybe just wear your aviator glasses.

Inside the ABS shell is EPS foam, and the inside is lined with Alcantara, a synthetic fabric that is somewhere between suede and felt. The stitching gives it a plaid look. You can take the cheek pads off and wash them from time to time. The helmet is held on with a standard set of two D-rings.

Price: $174.95
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