It’s a Cuddle Party: Pancake Mochi Plush from Smoko

This extra-squishy souffle pancake plushie by Smoko was inspired by Japanese New Year celebrations. It is a great way to cuddle up with one of your favorite snacks.

This cute and soft Soufflé Pancake Mochi Plush is ready to help you celebrate the Japanese New Year, or you could just use it to catch up on your Netflix queue. Modeled after mochi, a sweet round bun made from soft, chewy rice that is often eaten at Japanese New Year parties, this cutie is soft enough to cuddle with all year long.

This Souffle Pancake Mochi Plush is extra soft and cuddly! Filled with stuff that feels like mochi and is very soft and squishy. It is made of polyester filling and is about 16 x 12 x 18″ in size.

Price: $42
Where to buy:

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