Look Better, Be Confident- Essential Makeup Brush Collection

Makeup is important because it makes you feel better about yourself. You can also hide skin problems with makeup. Even though you don’t have to wear makeup or use it to hide anything, many people like to keep blemishes and dark spots hidden, and makeup can help you do that.

Tobi Henney, a celebrity makeup artist, shows us how she likes to use the collection and what makes the brushes so special.

The famous makeup artist Tobi Henney and Trademark Beauty worked together to make the Essential Makeup Brush Collection. Megan Fox, Barbara Palvin, Poppy Delevigne, and Sara Barreilles are some of the famous people Tobi has worked with.

She worked with Trademark for more than a year on this special collection. They are the perfect set of brushes for both people who like to use paint in a simple way and people who like to be more creative. Because the handles are made well and the bristles are made of soft synthetic material, they last a long time.

You can use the brushes in any way you want. All they want is for you to enjoy the beauty.They put together this 12-piece brush set with only the most useful tools to help you take your art to the next level. The Essentials Makeup Brush Collection is made to give you the main character energy wherever you go.

Price: $69
Where to buy: shoptrademarkbeauty.com/products/tobi-henney-x-trademark-essential-make-up-brush-collection

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