Lose Weight On The Road With Slim Folding Treadmill Trekpad

Spend most of your day at a desk? We literally feel your pain, but it’s time to stop sitting down while working.

A standing desk is great for improving your posture, but it won’t help you reach your daily step goal of 10,000. But if you have a treadmill desk, you can walk while you work and burn calories. A treadmill desk is a great way to move around more during the day while you’re working.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Walkstation is an affordable, reliable, and safe treadmill that you can’t go wrong with. It has a cool safety feature that stops the running belt after a few seconds if no one is on it. It also saves power and goes into power-save mode after 10 minutes of not being used.

This option is already put together, has wheels, and comes with a wireless remote control. It even has a big 14-inch screen that shows you your time, speed, distance, steps, and calories burned. The treadmill can be put away standing up, and it also fits easily under furniture.

Price: $ 459.99
Where to buy: sunnyhealthfitness.com/products/slim-folding-treadmill-trekpad-with-arm-exercisers-sf-t7971

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