Make You And Your Plants Happy

We can’t remember how many times we liked a pot, only to find out it had no drainage.

The Sonder Planter has drainage holes, a hidden drip tray, and the ability to water itself. As a bonus, it also comes with a stylish plant stand made of wood that can be turned around to suit your taste or add height.

The pot has two drain holes that let the water run out into a hidden drip tray. This keeps the roots of your plants from rotting in water that stays on them. The tray can be tucked away for a beautiful, simple look. Capillary action can be used to slowly pull water up through the self-watering nylon string that comes with the kit. This is a big plus for those of us who like succulents. 

The Sonder Planter can be used in any room because it comes in two different colors. Even if your style isn’t necessarily modern, this planter will still look good in your house. It’s the right size for tables, shelves, and big windowsills.

Price: $45
Where to buy:

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