Naked Organic Lip Balm – Simple Nourishment. Deep Moisturizing.

It’s natural to reach for your favorite lip balm when your lips feel a little dry. But we’re sorry to burst your bubble, but some lip balms actually make things worse instead of better.

Some of these lipsticks have red-flag ingredients that can make your lips even drier, and a few even have chemicals that are bad for your health and can cause serious problems. But fret not! Using an organic lip balm is a simple way to avoid toxins and keep your lips moist and free of flaky skin.

We asked one of their favorite board-certified dermatologists how she would describe organic lip balms, and we made care to select only products that adhered to her recommendations. Dr. Morgan Rabach of L.M. Medical in New York City emphasizes that organic lip balms contain only ingredients derived from nature.

It is possible to find coconut oil, vitamin E, vitamin C, and beeswax in lip-softening and nourishing cosmetics. Typically, lip balms contain synthetic ingredients such as petroleum jelly.
You’re in luck if you’re prepared to make the important step to a cleaner, greener lip product.

Apply the Naked Organic Lip Balm on your lips. Dr. Bronner’s lip balm contains organic beeswax and organic jojoba, avocado, and hemp oils to keep lips extremely smooth.

This organic lip balm is so popular that shops, including The Vitamin Shoppe, have sold out of the other multipacks and individual tubes. If you’re anything like us, you’re constantly losing your lip balm or need to have a tube on your vanity, bedside table, handbag, workbag, office desk, and jacket pocket.

According to Amazon reviewers, it is the best organic lip balm they have ever tried. In fact, one reviewer has been using this product for five years and has no plans to switch to another lip balm in the foreseeable future.

Others enjoy the fragrance and apply it twice daily, once in the morning, five minutes before to putting makeup, and once before bed. These can also be used to moisturize dry cuticles and other rough areas of the body.

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