Niagara Chandelier Will Make Your Heart Sing

Niagara Chandelier

You’ve never seen anything like this!

The Niagara Chandelier is the first of its kind. A modern, contemporary chandelier that’s handmade and creates a magical world of fairies just for you.

Its creator, Bodo Sperlein, combines pure creativity with the latest fiber optic technology to create this masterpiece. A perfect blend of function and beauty. You’ll be amazed at how beautifully each fairy dances along the strands of lights, all while illuminating your space with soft candlelight.

Lladró is one of Spain’s most recognizable brands and has enjoyed tremendous success throughout the years. They are a manufacturer and distributor of porcelain art creations from Spain, making sculptures, lighting, home accessories and jewelry.

Their pieces are breathtaking because they’re made with care by talented artists. Each one is unique, yet they all have similar qualities. They are elegant but not flashy. They’re simple but still complex. They’re timelessly beautiful but still modern enough to last into next year.

Niagara Chandelier will make any room feel like a magical place where fairies can come out and play. So don’t wait another minute! Get one of these luxurious chandelier today—you won’t regret it!

Price: $111,215
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