Olaplex- Get Gorgeous Hair Every Day

If you’ve ever dyed your hair, you know how hard it can be on your hair. Bad dye jobs or years of being wrapped in foil can cause a lot of damage, breakage, agony, and pain. Don’t worry! Your hair will change after you use Olaplex No. 3.

Olaplex has become a well-known luxury hair care brand that can be found in top hair salons and on Instagram “shelfies.” Even its at-home treatments give professional-level results.

Bond Building technology, which is what Olaplex is known for, was made to work on a molecular level to fix broken and damaged bonds. You can fix broken hair bonds and refresh your hair with a variety of Olaplex products. These products are also made to keep your hair healthy between trips to the salon.

Olaplex has a numbering system that is supposed to make it easier to use at home, but not everyone needs or can buy all of the numbers. Most of the time, people use numbers 3, 4, 5, and 7 at home.

Price: $ 30
Where to buy: olaplex.com

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