Protect Your Family From Fire with Google Nest Protect

Few people will disagree that it’s important to have good, reliable smoke detectors in their homes. The only reason for these things is to warn people of life-threatening situations, so it’s never a good idea to save money on them.

The Google Nest Protect is a combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector that costs more than three times as much as a typical combination detector. For the higher price, you get a lot of features, such as advanced dual-sensor technology, clear voice alerts, wireless connectivity, a handy pathway light, and mobile connectivity, to name a few. Also, think about how valuable the trusted Google brand is in a smart-home market full of low-quality copies.

Google Nest Protect works with the Nest app. Users can link the app to the smoke detector to get alerts even when they’re not at home. Nest Protect will send a message to the user’s phone if it detects carbon monoxide or smoke, or if it’s just running low on power. At the same time, it will give clear voice alerts to help keep things from getting too confusing in a busy place.

Lastly, Nest Protect may look like nothing more than a speaker, but it has a built-in pathway light that turns blue when it senses motion. When the alarm goes off, this light will stay solid red to help people figure out where they are if there is smoke.

Price: $126.82
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