The best mandoline slicer I’ve ever

Some kitchen gadgets seem useful at first, but we all do it: we quickly throw them in the junk drawer and don’t use them that often. Mandoline slicers are not like that at all, and once you buy one, you’ll wonder how your kitchen ever worked without it.

Mandolines are great if you want a quick and easy way to cut a lot of fruit and vegetables into small, precise shreds for cooking or wafer-thin discs for snacking. Using a knife slowly and carefully to do the same thing can’t compare to how quickly and easily this one tool can do the same thing in many different ways.

Slicers with a mandoline are made up of a flat board with a blade in the middle. As you move your piece of fruit or vegetable across the board, the blade slices it into even pieces. You can change the thickness of your cuts on many models by turning a dial or switching out the blade.

Some models let you change the thickness of the slices and offer a little more than just simple slices. Mandolines with more than one blade can make finer shreds, matchsticks, cubes, and even waffle-fry cuts, so you can be more creative with how you present your dinner without having to use a knife or another kitchen tool.

Even though the name sounds like a contradiction, the ONCE FOR ALL Safe Mandoline Slicer changes the way food is prepared.

Instead of repeatedly swiping your ingredients across a sharp blade, this one works by putting your ingredients into a tube that you push toward the blade while plunging the handle. On the back of the mandoline, there are two separate knobs that let you change the texture and thickness to your liking. Also, the slices go right into the container that comes with the machine and locks under it.
Even though this mandoline has a lot of great features and safety features, it’s not the easiest to use. Since none of the dials on the back are labeled, you may have to try a lot of different settings before you find the right one for the dish you’re making. 

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