The Cloister at Sea Island- An Amazing Work Of Art

Want to experience luxury and privacy on your vacation?

At The Cloister at Sea Island, you can enjoy the beauty of the southern coast with its 5 miles of private beach, three golf courses, kayaking through marshes, beach biking, and sailing lessons.

This island off the coast of Georgia is a great place to go if you want privacy and luxury at the same time. The Forbes Five Star award has been given to The Cloister at Sea Island for 11 years and counting. The Golden Isles of Georgia are more of a hidden gem than South Carolina or Florida, which are closer to them. This coastal resort is a splurge, but it’s worth it. It’s a getaway for the rich and powerful in America and has hosted events like the G-8 world summit and the RSM Classic on the PGA Tour.

Well-thought-out, roomy, and inviting. Every suite has its own special appeal. All of them are beautifully made, and many of them have unique architectural features like vaulted ceilings, exposed wood beams, and Oriental rugs that were made by hand.

When you stay here, you’ll be right by the river and close to The Spa at Sea Island and Fitness Center, the Coastal Experience Center, and the Tennis Center. Right across the street is the Sea Island Beach Club, which has a beautiful five-mile private beach.

From walking across the bridge to entering their house. First, you feel the warm breezes that smell like salt. Next, a warm smile comes from the heart. Your own island. Fifty acres of green. The river, salt marshes, and the sea are all around it.

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