The Mighty Patch: A New Way To Make Skin Beautiful

Others tried many things to get rid of their acne over the past, including extraction facials, laser treatments, special face washes, and oral antibiotics.

Some, like acne extractions, work well over time but are very expensive. Others have made their skin dry or even caused more breakouts. The hydrocolloid patch is the only short-term solution that really works, and they wish they had tried it a lot sooner.

Hydrocolloid patches were originally made for wounds, but it turns out that they are also perfect for those painful breakouts that always happen the night before a big event, like an interview or a date.

The Original hydrocolloid patches from Mighty Patch come in packs of 36 or 72. Each patch is 12mm across, which is smaller than a penny. There are also versions called “Invisible,” which are thinner and harder to see, and “Surface” patches for large groups of pimples. They work best on pimples that are filled with fluid or pus and have a whitehead that can be seen.

The hydrocolloid patches get rid of whiteheads and pimples in just a few hours by drawing out dirt and oil from the skin.

This pack comes with the Mighty Patch Original, which gets rid of pimples overnight, the Invisible+, which gets rid of acne during the day without being noticeable, and the Surface, which is Hero’s biggest pimple patch for your face and body.

Price: $13.99
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