The Most Accurate Hairstraightener We’ve Seen In A Long Time

There are a lot of nice products available, but do they actually work? They set out to apply them in the real world, and they have found that they do in fact work there.

In 2012, Drew Barrymore introduced her cosmetics line, FLOWER Beauty. The business has previously concentrated on skincare and makeup, but beginning of September 30, it is now providing a Hair Tools Collection, which comprises to dry, straighten, and curl your hair.

The Titanium Rotating Styling Iron is the winner in this contest.

In a normal hair straightener, your strands are sandwiched between two ceramic or titanium plates that heat up. The 1.25-inch circular barrel that rotates when brought contact with the brush bristles on the other side distinguishes the talk show host’s variation from others.

The Hair Tools Collection does not include the usual neutral colors. Barrymore is all about using a variety of colors on the same piece. For instance, the yellow Titanium Rotating Styling Iron has a purple cable. Compared to the black one you have on your bathroom countertop, it is unquestionably more entertaining.

The Ionic Volumizing Styler, Ceramic Styling Iron, Ceramic Straightening Brush, Ionic Pro Dryer, and Iconic Portable Dryer, a compact travel version, are all included in FLOWER Beauty’s Hair Tools Collection in addition to the Titanium Rotating Styling Iron.

Price: $59.88
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