The Most Stylish and Innovative Way To Keep Your Beverage

Your boss might be the hardest person to buy a gift for, even more so than your mom, your spouse, or your best friend. If you get them something too personal, it could be awkward, but if you get them something generic, they’ll think you didn’t put any thought into it. Whether you’re giving a gift as a group or just from yourself.

Even if you don’t know if your boss is a foodie, a coffee addict, a music lover, or any of the above, you can still give them a thoughtful gift that shows how grateful you are for their help and guidance. No matter what kind of person the boss is, these gifts will make your boss happy.

The office refrigerator in your break room has undoubtedly seen better days, let’s face it. Why not provide your employer with a chilled mini refrigerator so they may always have their preferred soda or energy drink on hand?

Since it holds six cans, it also frees up six cans in your shared refrigerator, so it’s kind of a win for everyone.

The Uber Chill Personal Mini Fridge/Cooler is stylish and very useful. It can hold up to six 12 oz. cans or four 16.9 oz. bottles of your favorite drink. Using cutting-edge thermoelectric peltier technology that is also good for the environment, this mini fridge can cool or warm its contents in a reasonable amount of time, making it useful in almost any situation.

Also, the portable unit comes with both standard home power cables and car power cables to make it as portable as possible. This small fridge is great for a bedroom, a dorm room, or a cubicle.

Price: $ 59.99
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