The Popular Bathroom Sponge Is Actually Pretty Sad

Dishes drive you crazy? Are you also dead inside?

Then you’ll like these Sad Scrub Daddy sponges. Made for the millennial generation, which is still full of angst, but not because their parents won’t let them dye their hair black or paint their eyes. Instead, they’re sad because their parents were too dumb to let them live a normal life.

So these sponges are great if you don’t take life too seriously and enjoy being sad. They fell in love with their product years ago, but now they give you a reason to laugh at the horrible, boring task of cleaning for your crotch goblins and lazy husband. While you are holding a sponge, the sad face reminds you that everyone is having a hard time.

The Sad Scrub Daddy Sponges last a long time, don’t cost much, don’t hold smells, and, most importantly, don’t hurt your skin. They really clean your things. From the tub to the Instant Pot, these sponges are ready to work.

The Sad Scrub Daddy sponges fit really well in the palm of your hand. This may be because they were made to clean hands in the first place. Even though it seems like a small thing, it matters when you’re doing the dishes for a big holiday.

You can get them scented with pineapple or lemon, and the scent lasts for weeks, not just a few days like scented trash bags or laundry detergent. Also, the little eyes make it easy to put their scrub caddy up and out of the way, away from everything.

Price: $9.99
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