The Rake That You’ll Adore And Use For Years

A good lawn rake can help you clean up your yard or flower beds by getting rid of leaves, thatch, moss, grass, and other things. They can also be used to level the ground, spread mulch, and spread gravel out evenly.

You might think that all lawn rakes are pretty much the same and that all you have to do to buy one is go to the nearest home improvement shop and grab the first one you find.
We’ll help you find the right lawn rake for your needs and budget, whether you’re a pro gardener or just want a cheap rake to make your yard look its best.

The True Temper Poly Leaf Rake is a simple but reliable tool that gets the job done. Whether you need to pick up big piles of leaves, a few pine needles, or a few sticks, this lawn rake has your back.

It has a patented design that keeps leaves from getting stuck. They also like that the handle is cushioned, which is rare for wooden-handled rakes.

Several customer reviews on Ace Hardware, and Walmart say that this 2-pound poly leaf rake is better than metal rakes because it is less likely to get clogged and makes it easier to use for a long time.

Price: $31
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