The WOLFBOX G840S Mirror Dash Cam for a Safer Ride

Safety on the roads is becoming more and more important every day. There are a lot of safety features already built into your car that make it safer to drive on the street. And if that’s not enough, you can also add your own safety accessories, like a mirror dash cam, from a third party.

The WOLFBOX G840S mirror cam has a 12-inch wide mirror that gives you an ultra-wide view and reduces blind spots for safe driving and backing up. With the smart screen split function, you can look at a display from two lenses at the same time. With a 2.5D curved screen, the body is more smooth and fits the shape of a person’s retina better. Because it looks like an OEM part, the mirror camera fits right in with the existing mirror.

The WOLFBOX G840S has a high-quality chip built in, so it can record both front and back at a high resolution of full HD1080P. When only the front camera is used, it can record up to 1296P. A low-reflectivity LCD was added to the car camera to cut down on reflections during the day. A 6-layer glass lens makes it easier to see in the dark. It’s easy to read license plates and other small words.

Price: $119.99
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