Your Home Away from Home: Whitepod Hotel and Restaurant

Whitepod Hotel & Restaurant

Just try to picture waking up to the sounds of nature. Then you open your eyes and see the most beautiful view of the mountains and trees. That’s what it’s like waking up at Whitepod Hotel and Restaurant!

A Place Where You Can Feel At Home

This hotel and restaurant have luxury pods surrounded by protected nature where guests can relax while feeling connected with their surroundings.

Whether you want a quiet place to stay by yourself, a place to host a small gathering, or a place to entertain clients, Whitepod Hotel and Restaurant have a pod to suit your needs. Scandinavian baths and saunas are also available so that you can begin unwinding as soon as you arrive.

You may also try something new with their “wild cuisine,” prepared by Chef Jérémie Cordier with ingredients found in the area and harvested from the wild for a unique dining experience. At Whitepod Hotel and Restaurant, they are all about creating an experience that feels like your escape from reality, and nothing gets you there faster than their pods. Contact them today to book your stay and experience the magic of their pods for yourself!

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