Zoom Across The Galaxy In This Amazing Lightyear Costume

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird…It’s a plane… No, it’s your little superhero. A Halloween must-have for space and adventure lovers, this Buzz Lightyear Costume is Star Command-approved.

The Space Ranger suit and accessories are a no-brainer choice for dressing up at the next costume party or Disney theme park visit. The product is mostly made of polyester and imported.

Who doesn’t love a costume that you can blow up? Buzz Lightyear may be a toy, an action figure, or a child’s plaything, but ever since he first appeared on TV in 1995, he has inspired us to infinity and beyond with his adventurous spirit, loyalty, and unintentionally funny turns of phrase.

When your Space Ranger wears this Buzz Lightyear costume, their mind will go to infinity and beyond. It has everything they need to quickly kill Emperor Zurg.

Price: $34.99
Where to buy: shopdisney.com/buzz-lightyear-costume-for-kids-lightyear-2890041619150M.html

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