The Sweetest and Coolest Way to Draw with Light

When it comes to holiday shopping, people want to start early. In fact, one of the best types of retail therapy a parent can experience is the joyful feeling of having avoided the terrible holiday queues.

The answer is simple if you want to start your Christmas shopping early but your children haven’t yet made their wish lists for Santa.

With the help of this light board from Crayola, make your artwork extraordinary. Your children will trace and create with the markers on this huge board, then use the lights to bring their creations to life.

It’s wipe-clean and comes with six gel markers. It does need three AA batteries, but thankfully they are also provided in the box in case you forget.

With the Crayola Ultimate Light Board, you can illuminate your artwork. Simply color and draw on the Light Board’s surface directly, then turn it on to see your creations come to life. The inks from the included Gel FX Markers actually glow because of the powerful LEDs incorporated into the frame.

Tracing images is made simple by removing the rear panel. Contrary to typical coloring pages, the screen is simple to clean allowing limitless creativity. There are numerous Light Board colors to pick from.

Price: $25.99
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